A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Chrys is jaded and unlucky in love. He just wants to focus on being 20—hanging out with friends, working in customer service, and trying not to get his heart broken for the millionth time.

Everything changes for him the day a friendly tattoo artist named Shay comes into his shop to sketch the tulips.

Meet the Cast:


  • 60K words (18 Chapters + Epilogue)
  • 8 Gorgeous CGs!
  • Original artwork throughout made by real people!
  • Original soundtrack!
  • Partial voice acting!


Flowersforjoy (Joy) | Creative Director, Writer, Social Media Manager, Casting Director

VeryFatCat | Sprite Artist, CG Artist

Lanae | Creative Director, GUI Programmer, Demo Programmer

Olivia | Proofreader, Demo Programmer

BibiXP | Full Release Programmer

Robbie | Character Concept Artist

Pinachs | Background Artist

Elduator | GUI Artist

Cannon Gray Craft, walwal, and Beetlewitch | Promo Artist

Aron Stefansson | Composer, Sound Engineer/Designer

Ryan Hoyle | VA: Chrys Smith

Ryan Do | VA: Shay Valle

Lauren Kong | VA: Beatrice "Bea" Allard

Michelle Goff | VA: Daisy "Granny" Smith

Rita Amparita | VA: Zoe Martin

Callum Sanders | VA: Hugh Thomas

Vivian Reed | VA: Raine Kozak

FictionVA | VA: Elijah "Eli" Simmons

Cannon Gray CraftCrawf, Nolvaliant, and Yona | Proofreader

LuluCat | Sensitivity Reader

Updated 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorMeant to Bee Studios
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBoys' Love, Comedy, Cute, Indie, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi


Tattoos-and-Tulips-1.0-win.zip 767 MB
Tattoos-and-Tulips-1.0-mac.zip 762 MB
Tattoos-and-Tulips-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 752 MB

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This is is why representation matters! 馃馃徑馃挄 Ty for commenting and hope you鈥檙e enjoying the game 馃榿

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I have not played the game yet, but the art looks beautiful. Makes me realize I have a lot to improve in when it comes to art lmao. (I'm attempting making a visual Novel myself for the first time, and am creating the art for it too.)


You've got this! And don't worry, our artist Cat practices so much, if you practice enough I have no doubt your art will be just as good! Good luck on your visual novel! This was my first and it was an amazing experience! Feel free to link it here, when you finish! I'd love to see it!

Hey! I finally finished the game!

So, I have to say the obvious: the art was magnficient, from sprites, to backgrounds, including CGs. The voice actors were excellent (the talk Shay and Chrys have at the end of the game, under the rain... geez!).

But being more of a writer than anything else, I have to say I was blown away by the writing, as I have a better grasp at the tools used to convey the story: I thought it was a bit slow-paced at first, but oh god: this is what this game needed, and I realised that only when I was engaged later in the storyline.

I adored how Chrys's anxiety was depicted. It felt grounded and realistic. I can't go into too much detail, since it's spoilers territory, but the weight of his past experience really showed through the game and he really was a fleshed out character. Shay was a very great character too, and I love how he became more and more attractive as he became less and less perfect.

This game is about something simple: love and relationships. Simple, you said? It really explores what it means to be in a romantic relationship, and it really did it magnificently. I especially loved the final discussion between Eli and Chrys. It was a really good one, definitely my favourite scene in the whole VN, and also one of my favourites scenes of all time in all the VNs I've played. The romance scenes were also extremely cute (the first kiss... the rain scene... the final scene... aaaaah!!!!). I also loved the dynamics in the friends' group: dating sims rarely focus on how cool having friends is, so it was very refreshing.

Long story short... I loved it, and that's saying the least. It really was an AMAZING game, and I definitely think people should check it out!!

Congrats to all the team, it was really amazing! But now guys, I'd like to reach out: if someday, you consider translating the game into other languages (which would be quite a lot of work, I imagine, haha!), and consider French as an option, don't hesitate to hit me up, I'd love to help: I really think more people should play this game, it really conveys great and healthy messages on relationships. But anyway, I'm looking forward to your next game!


I am going to respond to this, but I need to time to form proper coherent thoughts aghhhhh!


Yes, I was blown away by the sheer quality of everyone's collective talents! (Ryan Hoyle's emotional lines had me clutching my pearls when I first heard them oh mann)

I want to say thank you for giving a lot of writer related feedback. It honestly means so much! Realistic betrayals of the characters was important to me and I think the reason Chrys' anxiety feels so real is become it comes from a real place- me, lol. And YES, Shay getting more attractive as he loses his perfection is the best way to put it!

Thank you for saying how much you enjoyed the Chrys and Eli talk- I honestly expected a lot of people to blow past it or not really understand it's purpose. But as a queer person who is still best friends with my ex (so much she is my maid of honor) I wanted to show that such a thing is possible, and should be encouraged imo. (Though ofc every relationship is different) (and fav scene out of all the VN's you've played...? I- don't deserve such praise tyty thank youuuuuu)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the romantic scenes, I def wanted to hit those out of the park, I wanted to melt hearts. (everything else helped so much, god the music alone).

And yes! Showing friendships/familial relationships is so important for stories, I am def not done with these characters, but I wanted them to have a real stance in the world.

So sweet of you to offer! I'd love to localize/translate this game (the beast that it is) but it will take lot's of time and effort on everyone but me (mostly the translator and programmer) it's something I want to do, but can't do this year basically. But, when I come back around to doing it I am 1000% keeping you in mind.

Again thanks for giving Tattoos and Tulips your time, your love, and your thoughts. I couldn't be more blessed to receive a comment like this, have a great...well everything! <3 Our next game will be here sooner than you think ;) so stay tuned aghhh!

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I love comments like these! Thank you for leaving your genuine thoughts and impressions of everything so far <3 superrrr kind! I hope you only continue to find things to love about it.


The art is beautiful and the characters are so adorable and sweet. I think, I just found a diamond<3
P.S. Died of cuteness


This is such a sweet comment ;_; thank youu for leaving it! I hope you enjoy the full game when it comes out in April 馃ス馃挅


super adorable game! I loved the demo, the backgrounds are so cute (and bees everywhere!) amazing job, looking forward to following this project <3


thank you for leaving a comment! I鈥檓 so happy to hear you loved the demo, yessss bees everywhere 馃悵!!! Full release is in April so stay tuned 馃挆


I played through the demo, it was cute and fun! (though poor Chrys has just the worst luck ever, haha)

The art is gorgeous, I loved the variety of outfits and the CGs. And props for the flowery theme you've got going, I hope you keep it up throughout the game. ^^

Good job! 馃挄

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Omg Hiro I鈥檓 so glad you played and decided to leave a comment! Chrys is a walking disaster, but we love him for it. I am so proud of our artists! Veryfatcat especially who consistently proves that her talent has no limit 馃挅

My name isn鈥檛 flowersforjoy for nothing- flowers everywhere I say! 

Thank you from all of us!


Perfect feel good game to play when you are going through a rough time. It has an uplifting story with a botanic array of humor. I can not wait for the full version to release!


This comment is so wonderfully worded, thank you for playing and leaving a comment 馃ス馃挅


Incredible art work by VeryFatCat! Looking forward to their involvement in future projects (:


Thank you for leaving a comment! Cat is a core member of Meant to Bee Studios, so if possible her sprite art will be a part of every project we do. 馃挄 Thank you again for showing the game, and her some love!